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2. Management: Adequate CPP (>40 mmHg) is critical to overcome the resistance of increased ICP.

a. Stabilize initially as per resuscitation guidelines.

(1) Maintain normal oxygenation and ventilation to treat increased metabolic demand and avoid hypercarbia-related cerebral vasodilation.

(2) Consider hyperventilation (EtCO2 target between 25 and 30) for patients with active evidence of herniation. Prophylactic hyper- ventilation is otherwise not recommended.

(3) Support MAP with adequate isotonic fluid resuscitation and vaso- active agents.

b. Consultation with neurosurgical team is recommended and required immediately if evidence of herniation is present.

c. Administer mannitol (0.25 to 1 g/kg) and/or hypertonic saline (5 to 10 mL/kg of 3% hypertonic saline) in case of acute neurologic deteriora- tion or cerebral herniation.

(1) Continuous infusions of 3% hypertonic saline (0.5 to 1.5 mL/kg/h) may be titrated as necessary to maintain ICP less than 20 mmHg.

(2) Rapid osmotic diuresis from mannitol may cause hypovolemia and hypotension, especially in polytrauma patients.

d. Request noncontrast head CT to evaluate for emergent surgical pathology.

e. Treat acute seizure activity given the associated increased cerebral metabolic rate and subsequent increased cerebral blood flow.

Consider prophylactic antiseizure therapy (e.g., phenytoin, levetirace- tam), if transport or delayed definitive care is anticipated.

Các bạn tải tài liệu tại đây nhé DOWNLOAD

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