Pathology is the subject of diseases. It is one of the basic yet most important subject for medical students. Because if you don’t know about the diseases, how can you learn its treatment and management. Means you cannot study subjects like medicine, surgery, eye, ENT, etc if you don’t have a good knowledge of the diseases and their etiology and pathogenesis etc. And for that you would have to study pathology. Fortunately, we have books like robbins basic pathology and robbins pathological basis of diseases. They are the standard books of pathology. But if you have short time to revise all the pathology like for USMLE and other board exams then you need a review book. And today we are reviewing a similar book called pathoma or fundaments of pathology. You can download pathoma pdf free 2018 latest edition at the end but first read the review.

Fundamentals Of Pathology PDF:

Pathoma is basically a review book of special pathology that is created by one of the best pathologists called Hussain A Satter. This is not only a review book but basically there are video lectures which are also very popular and the lectures are also converted into book form so that the students could easily revise the subject for exams.

If you study books like robbins pathology or goljan pathology, you would find that they are very much lengthy. And they are written especially for post graduates. Therefore if you are looking for a book for USMLE etc then pathoma would be the perfect choice for you.

The reason is that it has covered all the important points that a graduate or a doctor should know. And summarized everything so that you can save a lot of your time for exams.

Pathoma pdf 2018 Features:

Here are some of the features of pathoma 2018:

  • Pathoma is one of the best short book for pathology that is updated every year and pathoma 2018 being the latest one.
  • It has videos as well that discusses each disease in great detail. They start from the physiology then biochemistry and finally explains the pathogenesis and etiology of the disease.
  • The book is simple print of the powerpoint presentations that are used in the videos, yet it is better and easy to understand as compared to other books.
  • Different pictures of the diseases and microscopic slides are given with each topic.
  • Comparison tables are given with many diseases that are similar like you will find a comparison table for ulcerative colitis vs crohn’s disease. Similarly there is a comparison table for partial and complete hydatidiform mole.

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